Cheerlights page

Hi .

Things have been busy here with lots of projects going on , the main one being my cheerlights project .

Well i got to the front page ofΒ with my cheerlight bookcase.

Lots of ideas for this years xmas cheerlights.


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Cheerlights Project added to site

Added the current status of the cheerlights project to the site.

Lots of testing now.

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Working on cheerlights, not sure what will be controlled with the cheerlights , but something will .

Check out cheerlights at

all you need to do is send a tweetΒ  to @cheerlights with one of the colours and soon after the system will change the colour , not only my lights but anyone else in the world who has cheerlights .



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Thats all folks!

That it for this year.

Xmas 2012 was a huge success, big thanks to all who supported this site , linked , face-booked,tweeted and added to their websites , without you this wouldn’t be a success.

Many thanks to themagpi for their mentions , for a mention on their front page .

And not forgetting the kind people who have donated some small change to this site, i didn’t expect anything at all, many thanks.

Well thats it for now, we will be back later in the year with more fun xmas lights to play with.

So from all at

Happy new year .

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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone .

Many thanks to all who have visited this site, hope you enjoyed yourself playing with my lights.


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Front page

Yay we got a mention on the front page of . Awesome

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If anyone was wondering why sometimes the tree is lit differently, well the tree is a 6ft fibre optic tree. I didn’t put the fibre optic on the page due to having halogen bulbs and motors and didn’t think it would do it any good turning on and off all the time πŸ™‚ .

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Punishment , 100 lines , “i must not break the webserver”

Ok so i was messing and i fried the webserver, after a short outage , managed to get it back online .

Note for later , do not mess with a live webserver πŸ˜‰

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Hit after hit

Hi .

It seems the site is a sucess , with a few kind tweets from themagpi and others , my hit counter has gone through the roof .

Many thanks to all who have played with my lights πŸ™‚

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Daytime Viewing

In the daytime its very hard to see the lights in the window , call back in the evening to get full effect πŸ™‚


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